How Connected We Could be

First I want to caveat this as there is not any detailed research or analysis done on this topic other than my own observations over the past week while traveling in China. In fact, I am currently writing this while flying back to the US and probably won’t spend a […]

“Breach” by Eliot Peper

Breach by Eliot Peper (@EliotPeper) was a great ending to the Analog series as it compliments both Bandwidth and Borderless. Not to jump too far to my conclusion but this is another great book by Eliot and I really enjoy how his books can stand by themselves but are also tied […]

Tetris like Life

If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.   Mana (@damana) August 4, 2011 This quote has been sitting in my drafts for as long as I can remember. My day job has been kept me really busy prior to a quick family vacation […]

Go out and Create Something

Looking for some motivation today? I might have something for you as I too was looking for motivation. Looking back through the many draft posts and odd saved internet finding. As I read through it now after not reading this quote for 3-4 years I am reminded how true it […]